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Founder / CEO

Katelyn Kucharo

Katelyn grew up a competitive gymnast from the age of 3 through her early teens. She then became a coach to young girls who were dreaming of Olympic gold. From her time coaching and other life altering events, Katelyn developed a desire to encourage and empower women. Throughout the years, this passion has stuck with her, and Katelyn knew one day she would have the opportunity to truly make a difference. When that day arrived, she built The Admin Effect with the goal of helping admin staff become rock stars by providing them with the training and tools they need, the mindset to succeed, and a community of like-minded admin professionals to support each other. The Admin Effect is the platform for Katelyn to fulfill her mission to empower women, specifically women in financial service administrative roles.

Professionally, Katelyn started her financial services career at a large insurance marketing organization that supported thousands of financial advisors and insurance agents. She worked as a contracting specialist managing over 80 insurance carriers, as an administrative assistant where she was involved with every department including new business, CRM management, and she served as a backup when key internal admin were on extended leave. Katelyn’s last position with this company was in a sales associate role. As a sales associate, she supported over 100 financial advisors to ensure their business flowed smoothly no matter what that required. This gave her valuable insight into the processes the best financial advisors were using internally.

May 23, 2020, changed Katelyn’s life forever. Her best friend since birth, Sara, passed away at the age of 30 from cancer. Sara’s passing gave Katelyn the courage to leave the corporate world and start SES Enhancements to provide virtual fractional administrative support for high-end financial advisors. Almost immediately Katelyn had a waitlist for her services and was operating at capacity. Adding these new experiences, skills, and processes to what she learned previously prepared Katelyn for this next chapter in her professional portfolio. Katelyn realized that financial advisors needed admin support beyond sending emails and answering the phones. But advisors themselves don’t normally know how to do the admin role and therefore are not in the position to properly train the people they hire.

Katelyn’s experience, exposure to hundreds of top advisors’ offices, home office relationships, and the desire to empower women gave her everything she needed to create and build The Admin Effect.

Katelyn, Phil, and their families live on Lake Norman, NC. In her free time Katelyn loves boating, traveling, wine, and food. Katelyn and Phil stay busy at home with 3 teenagers and 3 fur babies.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

– Albert Einstein

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