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Phil’s story

Phil’s best friend Bo Johnson (from their college years at Appalachian State) convinced Phil to join Bo’s family’s start-up insurance marketing organization. At the end of 1997, the decision Phil made, simply because he wanted to work with his friend, turned into one of the most significant decisions of his life.

As the first non-family employee, Phil began working out of the basement of the family’s home doing any task or job that needed done. During the first 12 months, the new company did $12 million of total annuity sales. During Phil’s tenure with the company, he served in many sales roles and was involved in the strategic growth of the overall organization.  Then in December 2009, tragically, after two double lung transplants, Phil’s best friend Bo passed away at age 37 from non-smoking lung cancer. With Bo’s blessing, Phil became Chief Sales Officer and an owner in the organization.

Phil visited 100s of the top financial advisors around the country and experienced what it really took to run a high performing office. Phil also led the entire internal sales team, served on multiple insurance company advisory boards, and became an owner in a Broker Dealer and RIA.

Fast forward 20 years to Phil’s last year with the company and they had grown to over 2000 producing financial advisors, over $2.3 billion of annual annuity sales with over 200 employees. Phil sold his ownership in June 2016 excited to start a new professional adventure.

Next stop, NYC, as managing director and consultant to an organization that did over $3 billion of annual sales in structured investment products with Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley. This role gave Phil additional experience in distribution, infrastructure, and new relationships, but also helped him realize he genuinely loved working with advisors directly versus large institutions.

In 2019, Phil started another new company, BLP Consulting, revolving around his creation of the Beneficiary Liquidity Plan®(BLP) product, training and distribution platform. His mission was to create product solutions that did not require an advisor to disrupt any of their current relationships. In the first quarter of launching the BLP platform, Phil was invited to visit 17 offices, when combined, accumulated over $1.7 billion in new assets the previous year. Phil continued this process, along with amazing access to top offices, for the next 3 years.

Phil did not take his access to top performing offices for granted. He studied and shared what these offices were doing to achieve such tremendous success. He also realized that many offices had admin staff, but they did not have a proven path to run on. They were struggling with inefficiencies, bottlenecks, NIGOs, and rejected new business. That is when the lightbulb went off.

The Admin Effect is the culmination of Phil’s experience, advisor relationships, industry knowledge and innovation along with everything Katelyn brings to the table. Together they built The Admin Effect with the goal of helping admin staff become rock stars by providing them with the training and tools they need, the mindset to succeed, and a community of like-minded admin professionals to support each other. Phil knows firsthand that, without a properly trained and empowered support staff, a financial advisor’s business will never reach its full potential.

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