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Account Executive

Caitlin Holbrook

Having graduated from UNC Charlotte with a degree in Nursing, Caitlin quickly discovered a profound interest in holistic well-being and business development.

Realizing that wellness was the path where she could make a significant impact, Caitlin played a pivotal role in the commencement of a successful wellness practice. It was during this time that she cultivated a love for growing businesses, honing her skills in marketing and sales to contribute to the company’s success. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire for fresh challenges, Caitlin set out to explore new horizons. This quest for new opportunities led her to the exciting realm of administration, where she found the perfect fit at The Admin Effect. Fueled by enthusiasm for the firm’s potential for growth, Caitlin eagerly embraced the chance to be a part of this dynamic team.

Beyond the professional realm, Caitlin finds joy in the company of her husband, Alex and their Great Pyrenees, Rex. Their love story reached a milestone in September of this year when they exchanged vows in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. In moments of leisure, Caitlin and her loved ones indulge in the pleasures of travel, camping adventures, and bourbons by the fire.

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