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Learning Management Software

Your Playbook.

Your Processes.

Whether you’re a financial advisor seeking a simple way to elevate your firm, or an IMO aiming to empower your agents, our Playbooks have you covered.

We understand the challenges that come with documenting and optimizing internal processes. Our Playbooks are designed specifically for individuals in the financial services industry, providing step-by-step playbooks tailored to your needs.

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Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a well-organized and efficient workflow.

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SES Enhancements

We’re here to help.

Need a dedicated virtual admin? Our Account Executives will get setup in your internal systems, as if they are your employee. They’ll also work hand-in-hand with your IMO, and contact carriers directly. Our AE’s can prepare, complete and process:

  • New Business Applications
  • Inforce Forms
  • Contracting and Licensing

…..just to name a few. After one month of working with us, advisors see a 40% reduction in new account open and funded time, and a 60% increase in business processed.

The best part is: it’s a month-to-month contract, NO overhead cost to you, and you are never without admin support.

“The new efficiencies and processes we implemented instantly made our team happier and freed up more time for revenue generating activities.”

Dave Gagnon | CPA, RFC, CFS
Dave Gagnon | CPA, RFC, CFS
Financial Advisor | Connecticut